A Short History  of Forex Robots

A Short History of Forex Robots

Forex robot, of course you have heard the word. Forex robot or EA robot is a tool that helps a trader to trade forex automatically. It is amazing that forex robots are very popular with beginners. In fact, using a Forex robot is a big deal if you are just thinking of earning money quickly without using a good analysis. The use of EA or Forex Robot must first be informed about forex robots. Well, curious about forex robots? Here is the origin and background of the existence of a forex robot.

What is an expert advisor or trading robot? Forex Robot is a computer program for automatic trading. Forex robots can usually open the trade for themselves without human intervention. This forex robot has sophisticated algorithms and some support. The most used trading platform is Meta Trader 4. Decisions of entrepreneurs will select and use forex robots, whereby the risk for the user falls to 100% is the purchase price, no margin or service charge.

A short history and source of forex robots

This is the first time that this has been done with the Metaquotes programming language in a Metatrader. Metaquotes were first released in version 1 in 1999 and have since been available in version 5.

In 2002, the Metatrader 4 version was released before the Metatrader 4 was released in 2005. On the other side of the Metatrader platform, version 4 was the most commonly used because it was more complex than before. Version 5 of Metatrader offers advantages over Version 4 over fast trading. FX Robot Version 5 focuses more on accelerating tests and determining the price of each robot.

The programming language MQL (MetaQuotes Language), which underlies the creation of supervising robots, must be familiar with the MQL language structure for programmers experienced in managing C ++.

MQL programmers use the trading method itself as a reference for task scripts, where the program executes commands only when conditions trigger behavior. This means that forex robots can not change contracts or behave outside the first benchmark – a program that adapts to the market without the intervention of a programmer.
Nature of Forex Robots: |

As stated by the robot, the forex robot only executes tasks / actions according to the program. Forex robots do not “betray” the path of the implanted system.
Forex robot is smart way in trading, it must be the result of a translation of a proven and reliable trading system. The greater the programmer switches to the robot, the more realistic the results to be achieved.
Methods and Conditions for Creating a Forex Robot

Forex Metatrader robot on waves with the structure of the language itself, which is called in the MQL Metatrader. Although alone, but in MQL, it has the entire program structure (Pascal, C, etc.). Of course, if you already have experience in computer programming, this is very useful and will be helpful in this matter. In general, forex robots have secondary marketer functions, but far from that, they have far more powerful functions than human transactions.

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